Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Bass Bin Breaker

Coming October
Bass Bin Breaker  ( Kick Drum Sample Pack )

Featuring a Collection of new mashed and mangled kick drums.A custom made analogue DOD 250 Overdrive pedal is being used to distort the kick drums and also various software is being used.

Featuring kick drums sampled from :

Boss drum machine
Roland JV-1010
Boss 1010 guitar pedal
Logic audio pc Distortion and Overdrive plugins
Korg X5D keyboard 

Soundcloud quality is only low bitrate mp3

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Ravernator Kick Drum Sample Pack

Ravernator Kick Drum Pack ( Free Download )
 The cover art for the Ravernator kick drum sample pack

-  Stereo and a few Mono Samples.
-  130 kick Drums
-  639 variations.
-  Total file count = 769 files.
-  24 bit wav format.

Download now for free
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Advert free Download from Wusik.com ( zip file )